Training Chart of shortlisted candidates

Once, the candidates are shortlisted to join some civil services, they have to go through the training administered by the government parties. That training is basically targeted to teach the skills and other things that are required to do your job efficiently and goes step by step.


The Academy stands out as one of the very few institutions in the world with focus not only on Civil Services capacity building but also inter-services camaraderie and cooperation.

This Course is intended for the new recruits to the All India Services and Central Services (Group A). It equips fresh entrants with requisite skills, knowledge and attitude to shoulder responsibility as public servants. Its main objective is:

To foster greater cooperation and coordination among various public services by building an esprit de corps;

To promote all round development of the personality of an officer trainee – intellectual, moral, physical and aesthetic.


This Course imparts rigorous training to the Officer Trainee of the Indian Administrative Services in a wide range of subjects to enable them to handle varied assignments that they would typically hold in the first decade of their service. This program has two basic modules: the Winter-study tour and academic module.

The Winter Study Tour (WST) precedes the academic module wherein the Officers Training travels across the country to experience its rich cultural diversity. Its also includes a week-long attachment with the Bureau of Parliamentary Studies which exposes them to the functioning of the Parliamentary system in India. The Officer Trainees also call on important dignitaries such as the President of India, the Vice-President of India, the Prime Minister of India and others during this attachment.

The Academy module is theme-based. It covers the following subjects:

IAS in perspective/Role of the IAS in policy making

National Security/Law and order

Agriculture /Land Management and Administration

Rural Development /Decentralization and Panchayati Raj

Urban management/Infrastructure and Public-Private Partnership

E-Governance/Office Management/Administrative Skills

Soft skills (Leadership, Organizational Behavior, Inter-personal skills)

Projects Management, Engineering Skills and ICIT

Financial management and project Appraisal

Social Sector/Weaker Section & Minorities


One year of district training, in effect, is a drill to enable the Officers Trainee to see, study and live the paradox that is the quintessential India- with its unfathomable diversity, myriad challenges and opportunities. They study the administrative set-up interact with people, their representatives and officials in order to understand the paradigm of development as well as effectiveness of strategies.


This phase of induction level training provides the officer Trainees with a platform to share individual learning experiences gained in the field and enables them to articulate the strengths and weaknesses of our administration and governance. This phase of interactive learning is supplemented with special sessions with distinguished experts from within and outside the Government. The penultimate phase of training serves as a vibrant learning ground before the Officer Trainees launch their career in public service.


The Academy conducts in-service training of IAS Officers who have put in a few years of service at different levels of seniority. These courses are for:

IAS officers with 7-8 years of seniority (Phase-III)

IAS Officers with 15-16 years seniority (Phase-IV)

IAS Officers with 25 years seniority (Phase-V)

Courses are also conducted for officers promoted to the IAS from the state civil services. The aim of these courses is to update levels of knowledge, skills and to provide opportunities for exchange of ideas, views and experiences with people who have developed expertise in different sectors of national development. Considerable focus is given to new managerial techniques and skills as well as to frontier areas of technology and its management. There is an emphasis on giving the Induction Course participants on all India perspective.


The Academy organizes one-week Vertical Integration Training Courses, seminars and conferences on specific chosen themes for senior civil servants across services. These include subjects such as Micro-finance, Ethical Issues in Administration, Total Quality Management in Government, Human Rights, Disaster Management, Rural Development, Gender Issues etc.