Pattern for UPSC Prelims

There are basically two numbers of papers conducted under the prelims UPSC exam. Paper-l is of General Studies which consists of 200 marks and the second one is a paper named Aptitude Test consisting of 200 marks again. The time provided for both the exams is two hours. The following table shows the pattern of prelims exam vividly.

Paper lGeneral Studies Counted for qualifying the MAINS exam 200 MarksTwo Hours
Paper-llAptitude Test Must score at least 33% marks to qualify the exam. 200 Marks Two Hours

Pattern for IAS MAINS exam

MAINS exam comprises of 9 papers. Paper-l consists of one of the Indian language that is chosen by the candidate only from the provided subjects. This paper carries 300 marks. Paper-ll is of English language and carries 300 marks. Paper-lll includes Essay carrying 200 marks. Paper lVth and Vth is that of general studies carrying 300 marks each and 600 marks in total. Paper Vlth, Vllth, Vllth and lXth comprises of any two subjects that are selected by the candidate from the prescribed optional subjects. Total marks for written examination is of 2000 marks.

Paper –lOne Indian language selected by the candidate from a list of 18 languages.300 marks
Paper –llEnglish (qualifying paper)200 marks
Paper –lllEssay200 marks
Paper –lVth & VthGeneral Studies300 x 2= 600 marks
Paper –Vlth, Vllth, Vlllth and lXthAny two subjects to be selected from the advised optional subjects. Each subject is having two papers.300 x4= 1200 marks
Total marks for written examination2000 marks
Interview Test300 marks
Grand Total2300 marks