It’s true that civil service examination is not easy to clear. It requires a lot of skills like hard work, dedication, time management, planned studies, determination, etc. to get success in civil services exam. A detailed study of the skills required to crack the civil service examination can help you stay motivated and get success.

Hard Work

Hard work is a definite key to success. It wins you crowns ultimately. Though, cracking any civil service exam is not a child’s play, but you can make it easy with your consistent hard work. In literal words, if it’s not going to be that easy, it is going to be worth it. Of course, you cannot strive for success, if you haven’t shed off your sweat for it. It’s something like harvesting at a place where you have not planted.


No doubt, the price of victory is quite high, but it pays back higher. It’s never one thing that moves you towards success; it’s always a combination of plenty of skills to achieve success. To attain your goal of cracking civil service examination, you need to acquire the dedication factor in you. It’s your dedication never lets you quit and make you a winner.


Patience is basically a peaceful act of accepting the things, the way they happen and believing if not today it will happen someday or if it’s happening in a different way, it will happen the way you have in your mind. It is a skill that’s not easy to master, but if you master patience, you will master anything that comes your way. It’s not necessarily the first attempt that rewards you, you actually need to stay patient to master the exam.

Self -Confidence

Self confidence can be defined as a belief in oneself that you can do the things you wish to do. It is a trait that every individual needs to reach the successful position. Every civil service examination tests this attribute of the candidates. In other words, this is the prerequisite to undertake any civil services exams. It’s literally an outfit to wear and show people what you are, but for that you firstly need to believe in yourself that you are something.

Time Management

Time management is an art to manage the timing in an organized way, so that appropriate time is devoted to the appropriate activity. Aspirants of civil service examination need to learn the art of time management to be successful. To master UPSC examination, you firstly need to master this skill.

Writing Skills

True, that cracking the UPSC exam is somewhat a Herculean task, but perking up your writing skills can be one of the major skills to get success in the civil service examination. This examination actually checks your opinions, your intelligence level, and depth of understanding through the words you pen down on the examination sheet.

Examination Tacties

There are many strategies that you need to adapt to get success in the UPSC examination. It’s merely not your I.Q level that helps you crack it; rather your examination tactics play a great role in getting the victory. You obviously need to take the planned stairs to reach the success as there’s no elevator to that destination. And to be ready with your examination strategy you need to give a thought and observe the things carefully.

Use of Internet

Without any doubt, the internet can be called a revolutionary tool for the education sector. Be it anything, simply search it on Google and you will get the required information. For the hopeful IAS turn ups, it is no less than a boon. They obviously have to cover a vast syllabus to prepare for the Civil service examination and internet acts as a chief instrument in helping them reach that successful level. It requires a lot of research to be the master of all the subjects and internet holds the capacity to talk on every topic under the sun.

Strategy For Freshers

Beginners are often confused about the strategy to follow to crack the UPSC examination. They have ample of questions striking in their mind and that is the right time for them to solve all the puzzles and take up a perfect plan to get successful. Being a novice, you firstly require understanding the basics of the UPSC examination, read about it online, buy some study material, get the exact guidance, choose IAS coaching center carefully, stay dedicated, patient and have a firm grip over the attributes that are needed to crack the UPSC examination.

Selection of Optional Subjects

Choosing an optional subject for UPSC examination is really a hard decision and it matters a lot. Earlier there was an option to choose two subjects, but today you are allowed to choose only one subject carrying 500 marks for MAINS exam. A wrong choice will not only affect your rank, but it may also leave you with regret for the lifetime. A candidate must take into account a lot of things like his favorite subject during school time or college days, reflect on your present interests, go through the syllabus of the subjects you have shortlisted as per your interest, check out the availability of the study material or the coaching center for the chosen subject, etc. and then finally make a decision.

Selection of Medium Exam

The moment one starts preparing for civil service examination, the most important question that hits one’s mind is which medium he/she shall choose for writing exam. Well, it’s pretty simple to make the choice. One must choose the language in which he/she feels comfortable to express. In civil service, language is not at all an obstacle as UPSC is impartial with the medium you choose.

Importance of General Studies

General studies play a very vital role in preparation of civil service exam. The current or the general affairs are vastly covered in the examination. When the keen aspirants of UPSC pay a glance on the previous year papers, they find that most of the questions cover general studies. Consequently, there’s no need to think twice how important General studies are to crack the UPSC examination.