Functions of UPSC

The UPSC performs various functions:

  1. Conduct the exams and the interviews for appointing the candidates to the union services for direct recruitment. This examination includes exams for the All-India Services Central Services and Public Services of the centrally and Ministered Territories.
  2. Help out the States in structuring and operating schemes of joint recruitment for any services wanting special qualifications.
  3. Operate on the interests of the State on the request of the State Governor and with the approval of the President of India.
  4. Imparts advice on the matters referred to them or any other matters which may be referred to the commissions by the president.
  5. UPSC can be consulted for further issues as well:
  6. Issues related to human Resource management etc.
  7. On all the matters associated with the methods of civil services or the civil posts.
  8. UPSC can be consulted to claim any reward of pension with regards to the injuries maintained while serving the nation.