Civil services as a career

After the demanding selection course of the civil services, the real task comes once you take the charge of it. It is not an easy job to clear all the stages and get selected for Indian Government Service. In fact, every year a great mass of candidates appear in the test, but very few of them are able to crack it. It needs a great motivation power and dedication to be successful in cracking the examination. Every year the aspirants go through the difficult selection process to be the part of civil services.

No matter how difficult the process of selection is, people try very hard and even endless times to enter this desirable career. Now, the question arises why people are so keen to choose civil services as a suitable career? Obviously, it is the status, the optimism, the reputation and the supremacy, the protection and the satisfaction it offers. It is obviously not the salary package that fascinates the candidates to choose the Public Services as much higher packages can be fetched in the private services comparatively.

The six letter word “career” has become the word of every youngster’s mouth today. The question that strikes everyone’s mind is why civil services? Will civil services help to turn you rich? The answers to the questions are apparent. There is no other job as civil services providing you the security. Secondly, you may or may not become monetarily rich, but if you have an intention to help the people, serve your nation and build your morals, you are definitely rich after opting public services. Most of the population who start their career with civil services starts from the bottom. Even an IAS officer is not paid enough in the beginning, but at later stage the salary packages elevate according to the classification of the salary plans of that particular field.

Some pros and cons of choosing civil services career:

There are always two sides of a same coin. Civil services also play double role at the same time. There are merits as well as some demerits to join the civil services.

1. Stability is one of the major boons that any of the civil services offers. As these services offer you a life to live on your own terms and do what you wish to do, without any stress. So, there are no chances of frustration and leaving your job. This ultimately upgrades your stability levels as you have an assured career.
2. Civil services are diverse in nature. With every posting and with a shuffle in the job, a government employee gets a chance to learn and explore the new world. Whereas, the private sector is limited and offers comparatively less to learn.
3. Being a part of any civil service adds to the reputation of a being. A CEO of the company may be earning ten times more than an IAS officer, but he may not be respected the way an IAS will be among the crowd.
4. No doubt, a private employee earns much, sits in the better infrastructure and enjoys all the modern facilities, but all these resources are not enough to equivalent the satisfaction level that government jobs offer.

Apart from the brighter side of civil services, there’s also a dark face of it. A brief discussion about the depressing side of civil services is as follows:

1. Getting an entry in the civil services is not an easy task. A person has to invest a lot of labor and time in cracking the civil services exam. Now, if one has wasted four to five years of his life in getting the government job and has failed when one has turned thirty, he/she is left with nothing at that age. So it’s a risky job to be dependent on it.

2. The chief disadvantage of joining civil services is the low salary package it provides. On the other hand, private sector agrees to give higher salaries.

3. Another shortcoming of joining the civil services is the transfer policy of the government jobs. The employees have to migrate from one place to another as per the need and the policies. In that case, they may have to leave away from their families and home unwillingly.

4. There is no competition or extra bonus that one can avail in the civil services like private services. You will not get any incentives or appreciation for the extra work. Whether you work or not it hardly makes any difference in the civil department.

So, opting civil services as a career is not at all a bad choice like, every career it too has some pros and cons. Though, every individual may have his /her own reason for joining the government sector or not.