How to apply for Civil Services

This year application procedure for Civil Services Examination has changed. Now, it’s no longer the time to post your application forms, all you need to do is apply online for it. There’s no other mode to apply for UPSC examination. Simply visit the website The candidates are required to fill in the application form and submit it before the due date. They will be issued E admission certificates 3 weeks prior to the final date of examination. Candidates can also get their E admission certificate on the website It can be easily downloaded from there. Remember, there is no service to post your Admission certificate by post.


  • Candidates can apply online using the website Detailed information for filling up the application form is visible on the website. It is advisable to fill only one application form. However, in some cases if there is any need to fill in multiple number of application forms, it is very important for the aspirant to fill in all the details carefully. Candidates must bear in mind that if they are filling multiple number of application forms, in that case only the applications with higher level of registration ID will be entertained. Candidate will have to pay fee for every RID.
  • All the candidates, even if they are already in government services, government owned industrial responsibilities, in other such organizations or in private employment sector need to submit their application forms directly to the commission persons already in Government services at any post. They are however, required to submit an undertaking in writing that they have informed in writing to their Head of Office/ department that they have applied for the examination. In case


Candidate must be careful enough before submitting choosing the center of examination. He /She is supposed to reach the indicated place only. If in case they reach some other place, they will not be allowed to take the exam and their application will be cancelled.


Candidates need not to submit any certificate along with their application forms declaring their age, educational qualifications, caste, tribe or anything. These certificates are verified at the time of MAINS exam only.


Candidates need to make sure that they fill all the eligibility conditions to take admission in the examination.


Commission states that admission to all the stages of examination is purely provisional.


If in case, at the time of verification before or after any stage of the exam candidate fails to fulfill any of the eligibility conditions, their application will be cancelled.